Why you need a designer


Whether you a business that's been in the game for a while and a start-up who considers themselves a DIY-master, there comes the time where you really need to step out and hire a designer. Here are my top 4 benefits of hiring one.


1. Save yourself time

You have 99 problems and design should not be one of them. You don't have time to come up with a design for your logo or brochure or even your website. Hiring a graphic designer can take some serious stress off your plate. Plus, your business will look even better.

2. Stick out from your competitors

Maybe when you started your business you went online and bought some cheap logo and branding templates that you could just swap your name in and wa-lah! That may have worked for a while before you realize you look just like everyone else in your field. Hiring a graphic designer can really help elevate your distinct brand and designs to make rise above your competition.

3. Keeps your brand story consistent

Your brand is more than just plopping your logo on something. It's the feel you want your brand to convey over all platforms. A designer will know which fonts to use where, will keep the look and feel of your brand consistent to ensure the overall aesthetic of all your materials will consistently capture your brand and visually tell your story.

4. Get the results you want

You know what you want but your not quite sure how to convey it. A designer will be able to get through your list of preferences and ensure that your end results will not only look the way you want but will help you achieve the goals you set out for your business materials. *Note: Designers aren't mind-readers but we try to be.


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